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Hi. I’m Gary.


I am a passionate international traveler and by far my preferred way of international travel is by flying in business class. Unfortunately, this can be just too expensive when it is for pleasure and has to come out of your pocket.

I developed my taste for flying business class over three decades of flying internationally for business purposes when I worked for a large US company with predominately international clients, whom I would meet on a regular basis in their country.

During this period, I traveled from the US to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia extensively. I was fortunate to fly in business class on all of the major international airlines. This meant that not only did I get absolutely spoiled for not wanting to fly coach, but I even developed a very distinct preference for flying only certain airlines.

When I retired I continued to travel business class around the world in business class using my frequent flyer miles. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to use them up flying my wife and myself comfortably around the world. So, before I consumed all of my frequent flyer miles, seeing my traveling future options on the horizon, I started to spend a lot of time researching how to get cheap¬†international business class fares and particularly on the more favorable world class airlines. The results are applicable whether you are buying cheap business class air fares to Europe, buying cheap business class air fares to Asia or to anywhere in the world.

I decided to share my findings with other like-minded travelers, since not everyone has the time (and maybe not quite the passion) to spend on this research.

If you have some good trips relating to Low Cost Business Class Travel, then please email at gary@lowcostbusinessfares.com to share.

So, good luck in your finding low cost business class air fares on quality airlines.

All the Best,


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